Put your feet up and stay awhile

I never knew how much I loved the color red.  Until I looked in my living room and saw red here, red there.  Red everywhere.  And, honestly, it was hurting my eyes.  Especially this little guy:

We got this for our first Christmas.  Knowing we had recently bought a Wii and didn’t have a good place to put our fun accessories (ou know like the tennis racket, the baseball bat, and the golf club) my brother and sister-in-law bought us this storage ottoman.  At one point, it looked clean and I liked it.  A lot.  But now, well, my tastes are changing.  I things that look a little more mature.  Like this guy:



But seriously.  It’s time to change a few things out.  So on one of our last trips to Wal-Mart I found a new storage ottoman.  And it sure is purty.

The picture is fuzzy, but as you can tell, UPGRADE!!

I placed our Wii accessories inside and have now placed a plant, jar for pens and pencils.  So much for functional…and pretty.


We all have them.  I even made a resolution to make more of them.  But I hate it when they happen.  You know what I’m talking about.  Failings. 

As I get older I become more of a perfectionist.  I strive to have things under control at all times (funny, huh?).  I have thought about why I’m becoming more of a perfectionist and I think it’s because I feel there’s more on the line.  This is my life and I want to live it right the first time.  But I’m human.  And humans make mistakes.  Sometimes a lot of them.

So can you imagine when a perfectionist lives in a fixer upper and does most of the projects for themselves feels like day-to-day?  Especially when these are the things I see daily…Image



But the nice thing is in a few short months that ugly transition will be gone! 

Until then I know that God did not create us to be perfect.  Rather, He created us to be human.  To make mistakes.  To rely on Him.  To trust in Him.  So, I will trust Him that Adam and I will create a home with Him in mind.  We will create a home where others feel welcomed.  Even when they see they chipped doors, the ugly transitions, and the worn carpet.

Next time you’re in the neighborhood come on over to check out our failings.  🙂