Spring Break Baby!!

One of the perks of being a teacher is the breaks we get periodically throughout the year.  What?  Some of you are asking.  Another break?  Trust me when I say this, we don’t get enough breaks.  Anywho….

What was I talking about?  Ah, yes, SPRING BREAK!  Both Adam and I lead very busy lives between school, church, and the attempt of a life, our house sometimes becomes a dumping ground.  Ten minutes before the next activity, throw that jacket over there.  Oh, gosh 15 minutes before we need to leave, put that pile of stuff over there.  With this kind of mentality you can imagine how “cluttered” our house has become over the last few months.  So Adam and I developed a game plan.  With all the blog hoppin’ I have been doing since Christmas Break (do you see a theme developing?  Every time we have a break from school, that’s when I have time to get these projects done) I had created quite a list of projects I have been wanting to do to get this place in ship-shape.  Especially before Baby Robb comes.  And, no, you didn’t miss anything.  That’s how much we plan ahead. 

A few projects included:

*organize pantry (again!)

*clean out laundry cabinet

*clean out closets (spare bedroom and our bedroom)

*deep clean after duct work was completed (lots of dust laying around after having 50 year old concrete was cut)

*build window boxes for dining room/living room

It wasn’t a long list, but if it was just up to me to complete, it would take the whole week.  Unfortunately, Adam and I weren’t on the same Spring Break.  His was one week before mine.  Which stinks.  Alright, I’ll just come out and say it–it sucks.  A lot.  But being the sweetheart, Adam completed all of those items.  It was kind of fun coming home from school eager to see what project he completed that day. 

And now, it’s my Spring Break.  So what do I have on my list of things to do?  As much as Adam widdled down my list, there are still many more things on my project list.  Such as:

*clean out drawers

*lay down new contact paper in dressers (we have older dressers that can have splinters.  Not much fun if you’re quickly dressing in the morning)

*move my clothes from spare bedroom to our bedroom closet (prepping for Baby Robb)

*create a new bedroom collage

*paint dining room/living room

*finish Baby Robb project 🙂

*various school things

*clean basement (family room and office)

*take clothes/items to Etc. Shop

*organize DVD and CD shelf


*transplant plants

*lay down cedar bedding

*exercise daily

*read (currently working on the Hunger Games trilogy.  Almost…done…)

Doesn’t seem like too much, does it?!  I plan on having pictures later in the week of projects completed.  While I don’t have the same Spring Break has my handsome hubby, I am very thankful for the beautiful weather…and big windows.  Love them.  

  What’s your shake up of the day?

Ever since I st…

Ever since I started creating boards on Pintrest, I have almost been obsessed with finding ideas on how to better decorate our humble abode.  As you can imagine there are a lot of ideas out there.  And I have seriously thought about attempting every idea I see.  Old door for a headboard?  I’m trying to convince Adam.  Paint a sideboard a crazy color?  Hello Ace hardware!

Ok, ok.  I have since calmed myself down.  A bit.  But I still stay up way late even when I know I have breakfast duty in the morning.  Whoops. You would think at 26 years of age I would have better self control.  Nope.  My poor husband.  He puts up with so much.  🙂

Something I haven’t calmed down about is the decor in the living room.  When we first moved in I painted the walls a beautiful shade of light yellow.  Sherwin Williams Tea Light to be exact.  My mother-in-law thought I should decorate with John Deere tractors.  Instead I decorated with red; I have now learned the errors of my ways.  I’m still keeping the yellow walls (with as much space as there is and how much the paint cost), but I have now opted for more soothing coordinated colors.  Light blue, olive green, and yellow have proven to be me in a better mood when I get home from a hard day of school. 

Currently, on our east wall (in the dining room part of the big room) I have fairly bulky black frames.  When I hung them up 3 1/2 years ago I thought they looked really nice.  I’m just going to blame it on newly wed bliss.  Now when I look at them, all I can think of is “yuck”.  So…I have a new plan.  A collage complete with mirrors and new pictures.  At this point in the project I haven’t been able to collect of the pieces, but here are a few pieces:



Image(As you can tell, I’m getting used to the settings on my new camera)

ImageAs you can tell, the mirror is reflecting our ugly, hideous, awful ceiling fan.  It was in the house when we bought it and hasn’t been a high priority.  Overall, I’m really excited about the new decor.  I’m now on the lookout when I go to Etc. Shop or Goodwill for funky, fresh decor.  Because that’s what I’m all about; funky, fresh.

Shake it up!