Laundry Room…Update

While we’ve made a few changes around the house, one of the next changes we are eager to make is an update to the laundry room.  Take a look at the pictures I took of the current look of our laundry room:


Looks great, right?  I didn’t think so.  The room is terribly messy and doesn’t really look or feel organized.  See that big white cabinet?  It was in the laundry room when we bought the house.  It’s huge.  The shelves are are deep and we lose cleaning supplies all the time.  I don’t like it.  At all.





Here’s another angle.  This is what you see when you walk into the front door.  Not pretty.  Not anything.  I did try to decorate the top of the cabinet four years ago.  It hasn’t done much to make it look better.


This is the south end of the laundry room.  Blah.  It’s time for a change.  Fast.  We have family coming for a reunion in November, some of whom haven’t seen our house in four years.  I would love to be able to show them changes here.  A lot.  So this afternoon, I “cleaned” out the cabinet.  And by clean, I mean take everything out, sort, and purge.  It felt nice.  I probably would have felt better if I would have been able to drag that bad boy out there.  But, considering I didn’t want to leave huge gash marks in our new wood floors and Adam was busy moving food into our new deep freeze ( Yea!), I had no other choice, but to leave it in there until we can tackle that part of the project another day.  After I sorted and organized, this is what I was left with:




It doesn’t look like much, but it feels good to see everything in that cabinet reduced to a few tubs.  There were several reasons why I wanted to put things in tubs.  1.  Get everything out to see what we had 2.  Organize the cleaning items into tubs so I can move them for easier storage when the project is under full swing and 3.  Because this was more step to take to be sure the cabinet can go.

The recycle bins were placed under the drying rack because that’s where Adam and I are thinking of placing them in the new layout.

Things that are next on the list are:

1.  Move cabinet out of the room

2.  Move washer/dryer to new location

3.  Clean out laundry sink (my aunt and uncle gave us their old one.  For FREE!)

4.  Pick out/buy cabinets

5.  Paint new cabinets

6.  Install shelves

It doesn’t look like a lot of work right now.  But I’m sure when we’re in the middle of the project it will feel more like 20 little things before we’re done.  Let’s get a shake up going on!