Happy New Year!!

Just because it’s the last day of the year, doesn’t mean we aren’t taking it easy around our humble abode.  In fact, Adam is installing new door handles on the front and back door.  If only I could insert my face right here to show you how excited I am we’ll no longer have gross, nasty gold door handles.  



Now we get to use these beautiful door knobs:



I love them!!  🙂

We also just got back from a quick trip from Wichita.  I found a buffet on Craig’s list last night that will serve as a tv stand in our basement.  When I texted the owner about it, I asked if we would be able to pick it up on Saturday.  Apparently there were quite a few people interested in it as well.  I decided I couldn’t let this one get away (it’s solid wood and I got it at a steal for $65!!), so I texted back saying we would pick it up today.  Unfortunately, that meant we might be picking it up in the middle of a snowstorm in a truck with no four wheel drive.  But, I think it was worth it.  It needs some TLC, but it has character.  Right now it’s still in the back of the truck (out of the snow) because it’s so dang heavy, I wouldn’t be able to help Adam unload it.  Good thing we’re friends with strong people, right?!  I haven’t taken any pictures of it yet, because, let’s be honest, it’s cold outside.  Although, I do need to get the pumpkins to the compost pile.  They have been “living” on our porch since late September.  And are now a bit “squishy”.  Whoops!

I also had to bust out some spray paint over break.  My trigger finger was getting itchy.  So, while doing a load of laundry I couldn’t help but notice the wicker basket we use as a trash can.  When we first got married, our Wii accessories were stored in it.  Then when we moved to our house about five years ago, it ended up in our laundry room.  Where it has sat without much thought until the lint filter in the dryer needs to be emptied.  

ImageThe wicker basket on the right is the basket I’m talking about.  This is a picture of it after it had been primed.  


It’s a little cuter, not exactly my favorite, but I didn’t have to buy a new waste basket.  

There are a few projects that have already made it to our imaginary list, but we’re not going to think about them quite yet.  Rather, we are going to enjoy the evening with good friends and ring in 2013.  

Happy New Year!  


Merry Christmas!

This holiday season has been very generous for us.  I love being able to get together with friends and family we haven’t seen for a while.  In fact we have hardly been home because we’ve been over at friend’s homes or family member’s homes.  By the way, we are friends with some amazing people.  Seriously.  I don’t really like it when people say they’re blessed ( for some reason is sounds fake or they’re trying to convince themselves otherwise…), but really, God has given Adam and I a lot to feel blessed about.

It probably comes as no surprise Adam and I really like tackling home projects with our own two hands.  We have had to hire out a few projects because we felt they were not in our comfort zone, but for the most part we have, at times, fumbled through projects eagerly.  So when I opened up my birthday gift from my mom, I cried.  A little.  Image

I don’t know how to sew.  I have tried a few times and have gotten myself so frustrated I banished my hand-me-down sewing machine to never see the light of day again.  But, this time it’s going to be different.  This time I have projects I want to do.  And they are projects for a special room.  The exciting thing about this sewing machine is with the purchase of the machine comes a year of sewing lessons. When my mother-in-law asked if I had taken home-ec, I told my mother-in-law middle school home-ec didn’t help me.  Not because I didn’t have good teachers, but I was more interested in the snicker doodle station.  So long snicker doodles, hello sewing!

I’m back at it…

Alright.  This blog has been neglected far too long.  I don’t know what even to blame it on, maybe I’m just being lazy.  Ok, that’s exactly what it is.  After reading another blog by a full time mom and a practicing lawyer, there really is no excuse for me.  

So, yes, we are still working on our house.  Slowly.  We were able to get our cabinets installed in our laundry room and Adam built a really sturdy recycling center.  I am amazed by my husband’s carpentry skills.  But, now the trick is what to do with an awkward corner at the end of the recycling center and the washer.  I had high hopes for a sink, but I’m not sure it will fit now.  

After our laundry room, I’m hoping to move on to the “pit”.  Also known as our future family room.  Every time I go down to the basement in attempts to declutter, I come back upstairs dejected.  Will that room ever be complete?  Soon.  Hopefully within the year we will begin on a few storage solutions.  

So, carry on my fellow house-shaker-uppers!  Carry on…