Kitchen Remodel? Finally?

I am thankful I have this forum to write down ideas for our home.  If I didn’t, I’m pretty sure one of Adam’s ears would have fallen off.  

Last night while making dinner, I quickly realized how little counter top space we have in our kitchen.  For the two of us it works.  Kind of.  As long as things are put away where they belong,  But if we are to add to our family any time soon, it’s going to be tight.  Tight as in, hardly any counter top space, hardly any space for dishes, hardly any space for preparing meals.  And we don’t have a dishwasher or a hood above the stove.  Normally I wouldn’t be too upset we don’t have a hood, but after cooking bacon last night, I’m not a huge fan of a bacon smell 12 hours later.  I know, I’m a jerk.  🙂 

So this brings us to maybe making a kitchen renovation the next thing to do on our home improvement list.  We have had talks about improving our chimney in the basement, but after knowing how often we use and want to use our kitchen, a kitchen renovation just might be something that would keep our marriage strong.  Alright, I don’t think our marriage would suffer, but it would definitely keep us from getting frustrated with one another.  

To get an idea of what I’m talking about, here are a few pictures of our kitchen:

ImageImageImageThe first picture you see is the view from our front door.  The second picture is a view from the hallway, the third is the view from the living room.  Overall the I like the look of the kitchen.  What I don’t like is the functionality of the kitchen.  Our pantry is so DEEP!  Seriously, I don’t want to think of how much money we waste because we can’t find food.  My thought is to move the fridge location to where the pantry is currently.  Then build a new pantry where in the fridge’s spot.  That way our new pantry could be organized more efficiently.  And we wouldn’t lose things.  

I have pinned a few kitchen layouts, but really am not sure where our kitchen design is leading us.  I did look up the cost of a drawer dishwasher.  It was only $649.  Whoa.  I think the first step is to really nail down what items we want, price compare, and go from there.  We know the project will cost around a few thousand dollars.  Hopefully I will be able to find some inspiration soon to bring to Adam.  I have no idea when we would start this endeavor, but it does seem like summer might be a good time.