Christmas in…March?

I know, I know.  We’re well past Christmas time, but this weekend I finally received my completed Christmas gift from Adam.  If you don’t know Adam and I, then you should know how romantic we are.  We only get each other romantic gifts.  So what did Adam get me for Christmas this year?  A door.  And I couldn’t be more excited for it! 

Alright, so here’s the real story.  This year for Christmas Adam and I told each other we wouldn’t buy each other gifts.  We did this for several reasons.  First, we don’t really need anything.  We try to live very simple and didn’t want to buy “things” just to buy them.  Second, we didn’t really want to spend much money (ok.  that makes us sound cheap.  We are definitely not cheap).  So you can imagine how surprised I was when Adam presented me with a gift card to Home Depot.  For some women jewelry makes their eyes pop.  Home improvement gift cards have that effect on me.  This gift card wasn’t just a gift card.  It was a gift card for me to pick out my dream basement door.  

When we bought the house there was a very boring basement door that lead from the kitchen to the basement stairs.  If you know me, you know I don’t do boring.  Here is a picture of the door. You would be looking at the door coming up from the basement.Image

See what I mean?  Not much personality, right?  

So on my birthday, my dear husband took me to Home Depot where I chose the door of my dreams.  After buying and then loading the door in our truck, it has sat for three months in our basement.  Between Adam’s spring break and having a day off for Good Friday, we were able to get the door stained and hung.  

Here is what we now get to look at:



I love it!!!

When we have door closed we are still able to get the natural light from the window.  And plus it adds so much character to our kitchen.  Our cats aren’t exactly sure what to think of the new door.  “A door we can see through?”  

Can’t wait for family to come over for Easter dinner!


Getting Green

To be very honest, I’m getting tired of seeing “dead” around our yard and especially on our porch.  This even extends into our house.  While on a trip to Wal Mart last week  I picked up two house plants to put in our bedroom.  Then while at Lowe’s last weekend I picked up two more plants for the porch.  And lastly, while at Home Depot last night I picked up two more plants for our porch.   Are you seeing a trend.  I think Adam is and he’s getting a little worried…

The plants I wanted to use in our bedroom I found for $2.75 each.  Couldn’t get past that price!  Now they are on the small side, but I am planning on watering.  And often.  The basket I wanted to use was a basket from Ten Thousand Villages.  If you don’t know Ten Thousand Villages you can find out more about them here.  They have some beautiful things!!  I knew for sure I didn’t want to fill the basket with dirt ( can you say “disaster”?), so I was on the look out for a pot that would fit down in the basket.  I came across a great one at Lowe’s.  What is really great about it is that it’s a self watering container, meaning I don’t have to worry about water spilling out of the bottom of the pot when I over water.


So…on to the planting.  My favorite spot to pot plants is sitting on our front porch and wave at the neighbor’s when they drive by.  Love.  It.  



Aren’t those the cutest little things?  And seriously, they are going to be gorgeous plants.

When I checked the height of the pot I knew it would be too short for the basket. See…



I knew I needed to find a little pot to help boost the larger pot.  

Lo and behold, I found one in our garden shed!  

Here’s what it looked like:



Here’s the final product:



Now that I had my houseplant planted, I was able to move on to the porch plants.  Sometimes when you buy plants they look a little, well, root bound.  Having worked at a plant nursery for two seasons it’s so important to pull the roots to stimulate new growth.  When I took the plant out of its container this is what I saw:



No, worries though.  I just pulled a few of those roots a part and planted it in the planter.  



Now, that’s not the end of my planting this spring.  I’m just getting started!! 🙂  Happy Spring (tomorrow)!

It’s raining, it’s pouring…

…and I’m moving furniture.  When we got home from Manhattan last night (our girls were playing in the state basketball tournament), I sat on the couch to catch up on a few e-mails.   When I looked at our tv area, it looked cluttered.  And I’m not a big fan of clutter.  So when I got up this morning I was on a mission.  To declutter our tv area and make the area a little cozier.  After moving a few pieces of furniture around (with the help of my amazing and selfless husband) I think I succeeded.  

Here are a few before pictures:




As you can probably tell this picture shows our dining area.  It works pretty well for us, but I wanted to use the buffet table for our tv.  So…



It was cleaned out.  The dishes I bought before Adam and I were even engaged.  Mom and I found them at Target when I was a junior in college and I remember thinking “I will use them every holiday!”.  Nope.  Didn’t happen. Unfortunately, I think their next use will be on Craigslist.  

After the “purging”  and sorting of objects, Adam helped me move a few things around.  The tv was transferred from our old tv stand to the buffet.  A chair was moved from the south wall to be used in our “sitting room” and the table was moved to accommodate the larger space.  

This is what our space now looks like:



The angle of the picture makes the area look really cramped, but in person the area feels cozy and comfortable.  Just to give you another look here is this angle:



Adam wanted to make sure he wasn’t in the picture.  He was successful, no? 🙂

Now for the question as to what we’re going to do for the dining area.  We (ok, ok, I) took part of our dining storage away.  No need to fear.  Remember back in December when I bought this gem?



The plan all along was to use this as a tv stand when we moved our tv to the family room.  But now that I’m really digging using the yellow buffet as a tv stand my thought now is to clean and paint this bad boy to use upstairs in the dining room.  Really, I think it could be better used as a buffet than a tv stand.  The nice thing about it is that if/when kids are running around our house, we could use it for toy storage as well as entertaining and dining items.  Of course, when the renovation of the buffet happens there will be pictures! 🙂

What are you shaking up today?

Laundry Room

Our new laundry room is really great.  It really is.  But right now the cardboard situation is getting out of hand.  Seriously.  The cardboard we want to recycle is not in the place where we designated for it to go.  Instead the counter top is slowly filling with cardboard.  And considering it’s the counter top you see when you walk through our front door, I don’t like it.  

So…here’s where you come in to play.  We have been shaking all kinds of things up at our place, but I need help.  Please share your suggestions!