Is it Spring yet?

Seriously.  Here in Kansas we have only had a few days of true “Spring” weather.  In fact, Goodland had 8 inches of snow.  Around our parts we had cold temperatures and a few flakes.  Tomorrow’s forecast is calling for temps in the 50s. At this point we’ll see if the temperature gets that high.  There were a few days last week where it was supposed to be pretty warm, but it was still in the 40s at four o’clock in the afternoon.  

With all that said, that hasn’t deterred me from getting out in the yard some.  Adam has attempted to start the garden by planting peas and placing the tomato plants in the cold frame.  I, on the other hand, have been attempting to plant flowers in my containers.  I haven’t trusted the weather enough to plant flowers in the ground just yet.  This year instead of buying flowers I like when we make the annual trek to Stone Creek nursery in Hesston, I did a little research.  This is where Pintrest was definitely my friend and not my nemisis.  When I log on to Pintrest in the evenings after working on school stuff, it can suck a large part of an hour.  No joke.  

I searched for a few container ideas.  Once I found pictures that 1.  I thought I could do and 2.  looked quite attractive I made my “shopping list”.  



All of these plants came under $50 which I didn’t think was too bad.  I think Adam was even fairly impressed with me… 🙂

The next step came planting.  I decided I wanted to do this on a day when I had time and unfortunately that didn’t necessarily mean it was the warmest of days.  None the less, I was productive.  This is what I started with:



The wash stand was given to me by a friend.  The other tubs I found at auctions.  They are definitely my go-to pots for planting.

And this is what I ended up with:



This pot will stay on the porch.


I love the purple fountain grass!  This pot will go out by the road.  


This washtub will stand next to our driveway.  

Right now everything looks tiny and ridiculously dorky, but in a few weeks time everything will look great!  Maybe…if it doesn’t freeze first.