Picture Show ‘N Tell

I’m here!  I’m here!  I promise.  School started a little over a week ago and I have been up to my eyeballs with school stuff. So, I’m sorry if you have been missing my amazing and oh-so-thrilling blog posts.  🙂 

The last few weeks have been pretty quiet around here when it comes to home improvement things.  It took a bit longer than anticipated for our Onyx surround to come in and our electrician took FOR-EVA to come back and finish!  Without those things being incomplete, our construction guys couldn’t begin the finishing touches.  However, we were able to help them out by painting (yes, PAINTING!) the newly finished walls.  We spent between the two of us six hours both Friday and Saturday night Labor Day weekend priming and painting all of the walls.  Sunday saw a long nap from both of us.  We were tired.  Pooped.  Exhausted.  Spent.  


DSC_0493You probably noticed the hallway wall doesn’t look like we finished it.  Where you see the white is where our hallway shelves have been built.  Yep, you read that right.  They have been built and are now installed.  Woot, woot!!



This picture is such a breath of fresh air.  But, wait, I’m not done showing you pictures!  🙂

The only progress in our basement were painted walls for about a week.  Earlier this week, work started back up again.  This is what we now have in our basement:

DSC_0546Our new shower surround.  The surround extends from the floor all the way up to the ceiling.  It feels super luxurious.  

DSC_0547Our new light fixture in the bathroom.  The globes resemble the original globes in our house and produce great light.  



The globes will be shining bright on this beauty of a counter top.  The counter top and the shower match in color and look really nice with the green walls.

DSC_0553Last, but, not least is our vanity.  At this stage it’s just a shell (the doors will be built later this week), but we are very excited about the wood stain.  Take a look at this detail on the drawer:



Moving just outside the bathroom, you’ll see our new hall closet:

DSC_0549Remember the area that we didn’t paint in the hallway?  This bad boy was why.  Ain’t it pretty?  When we were planning the shelves we knew we wanted wider shelves on the bottom for quilts and blankets.  The shelves in the upper part are narrower because it’s on those shelves where bed sheets will be stored.  Or paint thinner and caulk.

There aren’t too many major transformations in our room.  

DSC_0550Take a look at our cans.  Er, can lights.  And this is the true color of the room.  Every other picture I took made the room look way too blue and not enough grey.  

DSC_0551Who is excited about a new closet organizer?  This gal!

Last, but certainly not least, our doors will be hung later this week or early next week.  Would you believe these doors are $175 less than the doors I originally picked out?  All because the panels were raised.  That’s it.  Adam was really proud of me for choosing the less expensive doors.  Heck, so was I!


While I am SO excited to see this area of our house progress, I am even more excited to clean up this area:

DSC_0556It’s driving me crazy!

So, what do you think?  Anyone else thinking we should put in a fairy garden in the egress window?  No?  🙂