When the Mood Strikes, Embrace It

Tell me you know what I’m talking about.  I was in the mood to paint.  More specifically, I was in the mood to paint our kitchen.  When we first moved in, our mothers helped us one afternoon peel bits of wallpaper off of the wall in some serious heat.  The previous tenant attempted to peel off the wallpaper, but left bits still stuck to the wall and then (AND THEN!) painted over it.  After that experience I never want to hang wallpaper ever again.

So fast forward six years and our kitchen looked like this:

DSC_0693Hallway with a “gallery wall”.

DSC_0694Printables I found on Pintrest a few years ago.  And, yes, I did spray paint those frames.  And not very well, I might add..

But over the years we have had to touch up a few areas and this is what we were left with:

DSC_0696Yours truly bought the wrong finish when we had our Sherwin Williams color matched at Lowe’s.  When I started to do the touch-ups I quickly realized my mistake.  And then waited to fix it.  Like four years.

We had last Friday off, so I knew I wanted to add this room to my major to-do list.  I spent Friday prepping the walls by taking down the frames and Adam helped me by patching the little tiny nail holes I made over the last few years.

DSC_0697But then it came time to take these down…


DSC_0695I literally just about shed a tear.  I was so proud when I bought these the first year we lived in the house.  Being in a pretty serious mood of making our house into a home, I poured over the UpperCase Living catalog, measured the area, and was super pumped when I made the purchase.  And now I was taking them down.

But, when I was done painting (ahem, Adam did help.  Areas of this room are pretty tall and, well, my husband is tall.  I’m a logical person.) I am pretty happy with the results:

DSC_0706I decided to not put the old frames back up.  The Robb’s are classy now!  🙂

DSC_0710DSC_0711The “gallery wall” will not go back up at this point.  I’m loving the clean look of these walls.  And the fact there aren’t any nail holes.

Since we had a little under a gallon and a half of the color we painted our dining room/living room, stairway, and family room, I took the easy route and stayed with that color.  Plus, I thought it would help tie in the colors of the other rooms better than the previous color.

After this project, I am done painting.  Not because I’m tired of painting.  I love painting.

Just ask Adam.

I’m done painting because the house’s color scheme is finally “there”.  Ahhhhh.  I feel like I can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

So, since I’m done with painting our house, anyone need something painted?  😉

A Little Wordle Dordle

Continuing my month of “Self”, I decided to put together a gift for Adam that would make us both focus on places that are important to us individually.

There were two frames I bought clear back in November that coordinate with other things in our room.  I really liked them.  A lot.  The only thing was that I literally took them out of the Target bag, hung them on the wall, admired my work, and then walked away.  I was just really proud I had hung them without using a level and they were fairly level.  Normally that doesn’t happen.  Usually it’s crooked.  I think one of my legs is shorter than the other even though I’ve never noticed me having an odd gait.

But no more!  Empty frames, that is.

So, how did I incorporate the important places for both of us and use the frames?

By creating a Wordle.

And it was super simple.

The first step was to question Adam about his special places.  I felt like I had a good idea, but most definitely wanted to double check.  So, while eating lunch one day, I casually asked Adam about the places he found important.  Batta-bing, batta-boom.  I then took some time to think about places that were really important to me, that have shaped who I am.

I then went to the wordle site and typed in my information:

DSC_0682It looks a bit bizarre, but just wait.  It gets better!  I did have to do one Wordle project at a time making sure I had it printed before I closed the tab.  Otherwise the website doesn’t save your information.  Which can be pretty annoying when your computer freezes or your cat turns your computer off when he walks over the keyboard.  Ok, that didn’t really happen.  Just wanted to make sure you were still reading.  😉

Once the words were entered in, I chose the font and color palette that I thought would look neat-o with our bedroom colors.


And this is what Adam opened on Valentine’s Day:


Both pictures hang above our bed downstairs.  They’re basically our name tags for which side of the bed we sleep on.  Not that we need to be reminded.  If I slept on the “wrong” side, I’m not sure I could sleep.  Seriously.  I’m such a creature of habit.

The thing I like about this project is that as we get older and we have experiences that continue to shape who we are, we’ll be able to switch out the picture pretty easily.

So what do you think?  What places are special for you or your family?

Being Intentional about Intentions

It’s 2015.

When the heck did that happen?

Seriously.  It doesn’t seem like I graduated from Bethel that long ago.  And it especially doesn’t seem like Adam and I have been married for almost SEVEN years.  Seven.

And I’ll be 30 this year.  I don’t feel a day over 25 and often forget how old I am until I do the quick math.

With these realizations it makes me think a lot of how life can slip away from me if I’m not careful with my time.  This year the word that keeps rolling around in the vast expanse of my brain is INTENTIONAL. In order to take in all that is around me and that God provides, I need to be intentional with my time and intentional with my priorities.

Then I came across this book:

DSC_0667Adam and I were on a layover in Dallas when I decided to walk into a bookstore.  It was glorious with all of those books around!  It seems like I never take time to look for books that I want to read.  Often I am looking for books for my kids.  But then I decided that I would let myself buy a few books.  This is one I bought just in case you were worried I stole it.  😉

In the book, Gretchen Rubin describes ways that she made her home feel more “homey” after discovering she felt homesick in her own home.  Each month for nine months she focused on a different aspect with the goal in mind to rediscover what home is to her.  For instance one month she focused on family, another she focused on her neighborhood.  It was a great and inspiring read and I greatly encourage you to read it.

This couldn’t have been a better book to reach for with that word INTENTIONAL floating around in my head.

So I decided that I would take this exercise and put it to work in my life.  Each month I will focus on an area in my life that I want to be (here’s that dang word again…) intentional.

I would like to complete my exercise in nine months similar to Gretchen Rubin’s exercise.

I’m calling it the Intentional Project.




You bet your bottom dollar!

My first month (February) my focus is on SELF.

So this month I am making time to read a book.  It’s an autobiography, but a book none-the-less that isn’t for school.  It’s for me.  Something I haven’t taken time to do for months, maybe even a year.


I’m also trying out a new devotional She Reads Truth.  I’ve seen great things about it on various blogs and finally strolled over to the sight to take a further look.  Folks, it looks really good.  And I’m really excited to delve deeper into the study.

I have also started running again.  It feels awesome!  Dana, in case you’re wondering it’s a slow mile, but I keep going without any tears.  🙂

At this point these are the areas I’m using to further explore self.  I can already feel a calmness in myself and I pray it will continue.


I don’t have all of the months figured out, but I have a general idea.  At the beginning of each month I will post what my focus for that month will be primarily for accountability.  Because I know if I don’t have people what the heck is going on, I could:

1.  Forget what I’m doing


2.  Lose interest in what I’m doing, even if it is important to me

So, folks, don’t hesitate to ask me if you would like about what I’m experiencing on this crazy journey!  🙂

Just Some Things….

The past month has been a whirlwind of activity in our house.

Middle school boys’ basketball season is winding down.

State Scholar’s Bowl is next weekend.


We took a quick trip to California last weekend for a board meeting.


Church activities.


And, now, as we begin to roll into February, I find that I’m in a really weird mood.  Not, that that’s completely unusual…but, I feel like I have a lot on my mind.  And considering I have this blog as an outlet for my thoughts (whether they be weird, inspiring, whatever) I just need to type them out.  Seriously.  🙂

So in no particular order, here’s what I think has put me in a weird mood…..

*Student loan debt

While straightening my hair this past week, I began really thinking how bad my student loan debt is.  (My hair is thick and long which provides me a good amount of time to really think or not think about things every few days.  Random fact.) Really.  I have $30,000 in student loan debt and that’s after $5,000 will be forgiven this spring.  And now I am actually listening to news reports that say student loan debt is a really bad debt to have.  It’s right up there with credit card debt mainly because it will never, ever go away.  So I began devising a plan that will hopefully pay this debt down faster.  Hopefully by the time I retire.  Maybe.  I hope.  Is anyone else out there dealing with this crazy debt?  Anything you’re doing that’s helping you pay it down faster?


I am going to state a fact first.  In fact, I will bold and italicize the statement just so you know.


But, I seriously question how much longer I will be able to do what I feel I have been called to do in life.  With severe budget cuts due to our governor’s inadequacies, it is getting to be extremely difficult to do my job, excuse me, my passion. And unfortunately, there are still people who don’t get it.  There are extraordinary teachers who are leaving the profession.  And it doesn’t seem like our state government really cares.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; it’s one thing to take my salary down to nearly pebbles, but it is something entirely different to mess with my kids.  Your kids.  OUR kids.


Still not pregnant.  And somehow I am incredibly calm about it.  At times it is still a daily struggle to make sure our baby (hopefully babies) are in God’s hands.  But I have extreme hope we will be able to meet our baby soon.  In January we stepped it up another notch in the fertility treatment by having an IUI procedure.  I really hoped we didn’t have to get to that step, but we did.

And it didn’t work.

So, we’re at the point in the journey where we need to take a break for us.  To say we’re tired is an understatement, but yet we are still faithful that we will be welcoming a little one home soon.

*House Projects

I have a million ideas floating around in my head and practically no project money to make them happen.  Don’t worry, as usual I think I may have a way of getting these projects done.  It will just take a little longer than I expected.  Which is completely normal.  🙂

Ok, so that’s it.  That’s what has been on my mind and it’s amazingly calming to have written it out.

But what’s a blog post with just words?  That’s right, it’s boring.  And not being a boring person, I had to throw in a few pictures!  🙂



Much love.  In fact, a lot of love.