Mah-ridge, Mah-ridge

Dear Adam,

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and I wanted to share a few thoughts.  I always say you don’t know just how much I love you.  Hopefully here is some indication to that.  🙂

I love you so much that I learned how to share the blankets with you on really cold nights.  Alright, for the most part.  I guess there are still times you wake up with nothing covering you.  My bad.  I’m still working on it.  But in my defense, the cats make it really hard.


I love the fact that I knew I loved you when you farted.  It was an amazing bike ride, when all of a sudden you lifted your rear off the bike seat and exclaimed “POWER BOOST!”  I knew then I wanted to spend the rest of my days with you.  Because you’re a hoot.  People often wonder what types of conversations we have at home.  They primarily consist of the crisis in the Middle East and how the stock market is doing.  We definitely don’t spend time watching cat videos.

0764And you’re hot.  Seriously.  So dang handsome.

1156I love how you love.  You love your family and you love your friends.  And we love you.  A lot.

1638I also love you because you listen to my crazy ideas.  Crazy ideas about home improvements or places we should visit.  One summer I got you to go to the Birger/Sandzen gallery.  I know you weren’t really excited about it like I was, but you were a champ.  You stand up for yourself as well, and I really like that.  But not as much as I like you.

1691I also love you because of your partnership.  I am incredibly thankful for this.  When I have been in a situation that has been difficult, you know what to say.  For the most part.  🙂  But, seriously, you have been great.

1786Most importantly I pray we can continue to be silly with one another.  And not take life too seriously.  Because who doesn’t look more attractive in goggles than you?

That’s right, no one.  🙂

Adam, Happy Anniversary.  It has been an amazing seven years and I look forward to many, many more.


Much love Handsome,

Your wife

April Aesthetics Update

You know, it’s only the middle of May.  It’s probably time I update you on my Intentional Project.  Heck, you may have thought I forgot about it.  I promise, I didn’t.  And I’ll save you from the excuses.  Other than a bag of chocolate doughnuts may have distracted me.  😉

If you remember correctly, there were a few things on my list to accomplish this month.

First up was the flower bed on the north side of the house.

DSC_0957One night after school I was just in the mood.  The only problem was Adam wasn’t around to help and I was dog tired.  I felt good about the six bricks I laid down.  So the next night I knew I had to get it done.  It’s just a flower bed, right?  🙂

So with Adam’s help and “picky-ness” of how the bricks were being laid (I love that about him.  Seriously.  We’re two kindred spirits).

DSC_0975It must have been the high I got from us finishing laying the brick, I literally walked around the yard trying to remember what else was on my list.  A beautiful evening + productive feeling = a HAPPY Jill.

So the next thing I saw was our sweet little chicken coop and a light that was just begging to be hung.  DSC_0978I hung this baby all by myself.  Got out the big ladder, climbed up, defied the laws of gravity (aka didn’t fall off), used a power tool, and hung it so it’s somewhat level.  I may or may not have patted myself on the back afterwards.  🙂

While I didn’t get as much done as I anticipated, it felt great to work out in the yard. And it gave me some time to think about what I want to focus on this month.  And, yep, I figured out what my focus is.  Stay tuned for another blog post about this!

But before I leave you, I wanted to show you how our spirea busted out this year.

DSC_0952A few years ago I was unbelievably tempted to rip these suckers out.  No more!

DSC_0954Happy Spring!!

State of the Uterus

It has been awhile since I have updated friends and family of our hardest DIY project to date.  While other posts with this matter have been fairly easy to write, this one, for some reason or another, has been hard.  And I’m not exactly sure why.

The last time I had an update, we had found out our first IUI procedure had failed.  Since then we have gone through the process of two more IUI procedures with no positive pregnancy test.  It has been two weeks since we found out our third procedure wasn’t going to have a positive result for us.  That day was a really hard day for us.  We were so hopeful and those hopes were dashed.

With each procedure there were shots and pills that made me mildly irritable.  Each shot was carefully timed.  One shot had to be taken at 3am.  Yep.  You read that right.  My dear husband woke up in the middle of the night to administer the shot.  #husbandoftheyear

And with all of the medication my body responded very well.  So well, that the nurse told me that with how well my body responded we were at a risk for multiples.  MULTIPLES.  My hope, my prayer was that with this good news we would have positive results.

But now we’re back to square one.

We’re tired.

We’ve spent a lot of money.

And, frankly, we just want to meet our baby.  Wherever he or she is.

We are taking the next few months to discern what God wants us to do next.  After we found out our third IUI procedure didn’t yield the results we wanted, we sat down and talked.  And, yes, there were tears.  But it was after this conversation that I realized again how incredible of a partner I have in Adam.  While we have an incredible desire to become parents, we have been partners first.  Our marriage needs to be our true focus again.

Which leads me to my next item:

I want to take this time to thank you.
And I mean YOU.

I know there are people who are praying for us.  There are people we have never met who are praying for us.  And I want to say “THANK YOU”.  The sense of calm we felt after our talk came from those prayers.  The sense of calm we continue to feel comes from these prayers.

This past week, an e-mail from a teacher friend was sent with this video.  I ended up watching it two or three times.  God is powerful.  God is awesome.  And I have to be reminded of this.  I have definitely felt like a fool while on this journey; a fool that continues to hold onto hope month after month.  And I have definitely felt as though God has been mean while he has placed such a deep desire on both of our hearts and hasn’t fulfilled this placed desire.

And then there are amazing friends who truly understand how difficult this weekend can be for couples who are in similar situations.  THANK YOU.  Thank you for thinking of us and thank you for your friendship.  Once I figure out how I can show you how much I appreciate your true acts of kindness, watch out!  🙂

Lastly, to my “mommas”.  Please know that you are being prayed for while you’re on your journey.  This is not an easy journey, but the faith that is being developed is strong.  Continue hoping.  Continue praying.

God loves you.  And His timing is perfect.