I love our family.  And I love taking pictures of our family.  Unfortunately, though, these pictures end up being downloaded to the home computer, lovingly stored in organized folders on the hard drive, and then promptly forgotten about until I want to write a blog post about them.  I needed to get more intentional about using pictures.  Waaayyy more intentional.  🙂

I did attempt to try to get my self to display pictures better by creating this gallery wall a few years ago (inspired by younghouselove), but alas it ended up looking like a jumbled mess nailed to our wall.

And it wasn’t pretty.  Trust me.

DSC_0680 (640x427)This was before I took the frames down to paint the kitchen walls back in February and for the next three months the walls were bare.  My game plan this time was to buy frames that actually matched and then to hang them strategically.  My lazy side thought it could win against my type A personality.  Fail.

Initially, I thought I would just go to Target or Wal-Mart and buy the frames, but after looking on the Ikea website, I found that I could get an assortment (their Ribba collection) for a pretty good price and I wouldn’t have to spend time at a store trying to figure out exactly what I wanted.  And I didn’t have to get off of our couch.  WIN!!

But, after they came and I excitedly unpacked them and laid them out in a cool layout on our spare bedroom floor, I waited.  And waited.  Why?  I have no idea.

Finally I just asked Adam if he would be willing to help me hang the frames.  The blank walls were driving me crazy (no personality) and the frames laying down on the floor was driving me crazy (come on, Jill!).  So, this time around, we were strategic and measured out the spacing between frames.

DSC_0207 (427x640)

We were so technical, we even used a level to draw a line on the wall.  How about that?!

DSC_0208 (640x427)

And the final layout looks like this:

DSC_0210 (640x427)


The layout that is and the fact I can know show off our beautiful and hilarious family!  Along with cards or other pictures that are pretty special to our little family.

DSC_0209 (640x427)

The monogram circle is something I found at Hobby Lobby last spring.  When I first saw it, I knew I liked it but then debated on getting it because…well, where would I put it?  So being the logical person I am, I went ahead and bought the dang thing.  YOLO, right?

So know my next item on my list is to go through my albums of pictures on my computer and choose some to showcase.  Because apparently my brother-in-law doesn’t like looking at frames that say “Ribba, Ribba, Ribba”.  Party pooper. 🙂

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