Chalk it up to the Media

The last time you saw our “new” media cabinet it looked like this:

DSC_0217Would you believe when we bought it over two years ago, it looked like this?

DSC_0840I found this bad boy on Craigslist and dragged Adam over to Wichita to pick it up on New Year’s Eve.  It is a solid piece and a heavy one at that.  Unfortunately, the more I looked at it after we got it moved downstairs the more I realized it needed some help.  The drawers didn’t slide well, the top was damaged (maybe from water??), and there was quite a bit of damage on the sides from general wear and tear.

The first thing I did was sand the top clear down using this Christmas present:

DSC_0839This little sander is a bit addicting to use…I was looking around the house to see what else I could sand.  Must.  Sand.  Everything.

Once I was done I had a blank slate.

DSC_0844I ended up using a stain for this top part.  I stained, did a light sanding in between coats, and varnished the top before moving to the bottom portion of the stand.

For the bottom portion I decided to be brave and use some new paint.

DSC_0838Lowe’s has a little variety of chalk paint colors to choose from, so I felt fortunate that they had a blue similar to the blues I have used in the house.  I decided to hold back on the antiquing glaze and only go with the sealing wax.

I did another sanding of the bottom.  Just enough to get the varnish off so the paint would stick.  Painting with chalk paint is different from painting with a typical house paint.  I kept expecting it to cover even, but soon learned that chalk paint comes with a certain charm.  And it totally worked for this piece.

DSC_0203 (640x427)

After I was done painting I distressed it some areas and primed the bottom of the inner cabinets.  You’ll see here that there were pieces I didn’t paint.  That’s because these pieces were cut to make for different shelves.  The top shelf will be for the DVD player and Wii.  The bottom shelf will be for bigger storage.

I really liked the blue, but it seemed too, well, intense.  I decided that it needed a little something to calm it down.  So I added one more step to the process by using the antique glaze.

DSC_0204 (640x427)See?  Just a little less IN YO FACE!!

The doors were probably my favorite part because of how the glaze brought out the detail.

DSC_0202 (640x427)

There was no way the old knobs were going to go back on, so I was quietly on the hunt for something unique.  While up in Emporia I came across old water spigot handles.


I found my unique handles!

DSC_0218 Adam used plywood from previous projects to make the new shelves.  He used the same color stain I used on the top although the color looks way darker on the shelves.

I wasn’t quite done with the inside of the shelves.  I bought fabric to line the sides and used a light blue paint that I had used for other projects to paint the bottom of the shelves.

DSC_0414It isn’t a perfect fit, so I’m thinking of adding some kind of a ribbon to hide the gap.

DSC_0415Overall, I’m very happy with the result.

And, no, the little tv isn’t going to stay nor is the XBox.  🙂

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