It wasn’t until high school and I had a new found freedom found in a driver’s license that I realized random streets weren’t so random.  Literally.  There were streets named “Random” all over the place.  And that’s where this blog post comes in to play.  Randomly, but it’s coming.  I haven’t posted in a month.  And in that month, we have been living life to the fullest.  While this life-living doesn’t fit nicely in one blog post, the randoms of this past month have been spectacular!!  For the first time in four years my skin is actually tan.  TAN!!  That’s because we’ve been outside doing all kind of things.

The first event was a week at our church camp.  What an awesome place to unplug from the world and have a place to listen to God and truly focus on Him.


DSC_0238DSC_0334I have been really motivated to work on a few projects around the house this summer.  So far, we have cleaned out our basement storage area, took a large load to a thrift shop, and I even painted the walls in our understair storage.  Whoa.  Where did that energy come from?  Did I mention I painted the ceiling too?!  Someone help me.

While all of our tubs were out of the storage area (and I was secretly trying to keep my right eye from twitching due to the “mess”), I began a painting project.


The spindrels were really fun to paint.  #saidnooneever

Adding to the randomness, we were invited to spend a few days with some awesome friends at their family cabin in Arkansas.  No tv, no computer.  Very limited cellphone service.




DSC_0608While we were there, we drove down the road for a baseball game.

DSC_0532 DSC_0556

On the way down to the lake, we stopped by Big Brutus in southeast Kansas.

DSC_0505It definitely lived up to it’s name.  And made me realize I still hate heights.  A lot.

Mary Kay has been a big part of my summer.  I have enjoyed setting goals and reaching them with the help of some awesome women.

DSC_0503And then there’s this little guy.

DSC_0631Can you see how many fingers he’s holding up?  Yep.  Those are three little fingers.  I keep asking him if he would stop growing.  To which he replies “Hmmmmm…” otherwise, he’s saying “Aunt Jill, not gonna happen.”

So, what’s been going on during your summer?  Have you done anything awesome?  🙂

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