Shut the Front Door… and the Back Door

Both literally and figuratively.


Because I am writing a blog post.

AND I have a project we did last Spring I want to share with you.  This is exciting stuff, folks.

In the Fall of 2008 I painted our door.  Now before I show you our door, I want to explain that I was a very excited new home owner.  I was pumped to begin putting our mark on our fixer-upper but the kicker was that I wasn’t sure what my style was at the time.  Pintrest hadn’t been released yet and I hadn’t discovered DIY blogs.  Can you imagine?  So, I did a lot of experimenting.  A lot.  And I quickly found what I liked personally, as well as what we liked as a couple.  It was also discovered quite quickly Adam is not into home decor.  I had free reign for the most part.  So, I was at Wal-Mart one afternoon BY MYSELF and I came across this color in the paint department:



Not a bad color.  In fact, I thought is was a really neat red when paired with our gray siding.  But over the years it came to feel really dark to me and I was getting really tired of the dark color.  I really needed a color that was happy.  🙂

So, over our Spring Break Adam and I took down both our front and back door.  The first time I painted our doors I left them hung and even left the hardware on them carefully painting around door knobs and hinges.  It worked and we made it work for the next seven years.  But we knew we wanted to do it “right” this time around.


Some of you may be asking why we didn’t just buy new doors…well, new doors cost money and both our front and back doors are solid wood.  They are in great condition, they just needed a little bit of cosmetic help.

After the doors were down, we applied a paint stripper.




This was actually the fun part of the project.  Underneath the red, white, and even a bit of gray, we found that cool blue/teal color!


Once the paint had been stripped, we sanded down what paint wouldn’t budge and applied two coats of primer.


Then came time for the new door color!DSC_0694

We have now lived with our “new” doors for four months and every time I come home I am greeted by our “happy” door.  Daisies are the happiest flower, our new door color is the happiest door.  (Can you name that movie? 🙂 )