This is US

Not only am I completely hooked on this new show, but it completely describes the place where Adam and I are currently.  The show follows a family of “triplets” as they grow up throughout the last 3 decades.  If you enjoyed Parenthood, you’ll enjoy this show.  And go ahead and keep a box of Kleenex next to you.  You’ll need it.

As you may have noticed I have been absent from this blog for a few months.  With varying obligations I simply didn’t take time to share events.  I kind of felt like we needed to go through the motions of life; begin a new flow with a new school year.

The last 3 months have been a time of finishing up a few projects.  Tiling in the upstairs bathroom and finishing shelves in our family room have been really fun projects to complete.  It’s like the whip cream on a chocolate peanut butter pie.  You don’t really need it, but by golly it sure makes everything nicer.


In late August we had a friend stay with us while he completed his rural medicine rotation.  Not only did he help cook, but he also shared some awesome stories from his day.  Teacher stories and doctor stories are a bit different in content, but definitely make a great laugh.


Our respective school years have started off well.  I have 13 amazing kids I get to experience the joy of learning with and Adam has 64 kids he gets to inspire every day.

But there’s more to be excited about this year.

We have been on a long journey.  A journey that has given us both strength and grace.  This time last year we were beginning an IVF process that challenged us mentally, physically, and spiritually.  After we found out that this procedure would not lead us to Baby Robb, we were lost.  We weren’t exactly sure where God was leading us.

We took time to be silent and truly listen.

At times The Call seemed to be pointing to another IVF.  In fact, in late February we did another IUI procedure with no luck.  So we continued to listen.

But it was through this silence we heard it.


God is calling us to adopt.

Four years on this journey through light and darkness has lead us to this moment of clarity.  We have always wanted “our baby”.  And now we know that God truly is leading us to our awesome baby.

This stage of our journey is in infancy.  Our home study is complete.  Tomorrow we mail our application to an adoption agency.  And then we wait and pray.

We pray for God’s guidance.  We pray for a healthy child.  We pray for birth parents who will be making one of the toughest choices of their life.  And we appreciate your prayers for these things as well.


*All photography credits go to the very talented Charlie Ramseyer at Charlotte Jane Photography