Adoption Update

For this update I want you to imagine a reporter standing in the middle of a field that looks like nothing is in it.

When the anchor at the main desk asks them to report on their story, the field reporter has a look on their face of “what story is there?”

That’s kind of what it’s like for us while we wait.

And wait.

And wait.

But unknowingly to the reporter standing in the field, there is a story unfolding.  It just isn’t visible to the eye because everything is happening just under the soil.


There was a lot of life that happened this past spring.  My grandma died, which left a large hole in my heart.  She was the grandma I thought would always be there; there was plenty of time for her to meet our babies.  But then all over a sudden her health went downhill fast and it became very evident her time with us on this Earth was quickly coming to an end.

What does this event have anything to do with the reporter standing in the field?
I feel like it was her passing that lead to the events that we experienced in the events that could have lead to meeting our baby.

A few days after she passed away, we received a call from our agency saying they had an interesting case come up with a potential family and wondered if we would be interested.  Immediately, I felt that my grandma had something to do with this turn of events. Weird, I know.  But the feeling was there.

Fast forward to the fact that we were eventually shown to the potential birth parents.  It was exciting!  Oh, my gosh it was exciting.  Even though we were technically still on the waiting list, in this particular case our location was thought to be a plus for the couple as they made the hard decision to place their baby up for adoption.  The couple stated they wanted an open adoption (something both Adam and I are open to) and our agency thought our particular location would be a factor the couple would look for when making their choice.

For me, all the check marks were being checked:

*the baby’s gender

*the due date

*the location of the couple to Adam and I

Then we received an e-mail from the agency the day after they showed the birth family our profile.

They didn’t choose us.

It was like a miscarriage all over again for me.  The hope I had placed in this situation was so high.  As you might imagine, we were extremely disappointed.  And we were placed right back on the waiting list.

But, remember how I said there is growth under the soil?

Shortly after this experience, I felt God telling to me prepare to wait.  What I mean by this is is that while we are in the wait we are working on projects or other things that help us prepare for our baby.  It is what is giving us hope at this time.

So, while we don’t have anything to show and the reporter doesn’t really have a lot to report on, there is something happening.

We can’t wait to report when there is more news! 🙂