March 18

It was just yesterday we heard our governor shut down the idea of a traditional school setting.  I am not at all upset with Laura Kelly; I can’t imagine the process.

Since the announcement I was feeling all kinds of emotions. Some of them that were leading me down a dark hole.  It wasn’t until I had a conversation with Carmen I found hope in the situation teachers across Kansas will feel in the coming months.

In the next coming days I will meet with my colleagues to discuss how we are going to finish the school year with our kids.  We will make sure our year finishes as strong as it can.

I don’t know what that plan is, but I am ready to fight for my kids.

House Updates

When we first moved into the building we now call our home, we instantly took inventory of the projects we wanted to do. It was a long list and there wasn’t much money for them. Fast forward almost 12 years and we the majority of these projects done.

But I am still feeling a restlessness. And I’m trying to understand why.

My style has changed over the years, but also has my understanding that good decisions take time. Decisions need time to incubate and I don’t necessarily have the patience for it. This often makes me even more frustrated because I haven’t processed enough.

My challenge for myself is to think and research through the projects I want to do.

How do you exercise this process?

This past weekend the time change went into effect and it kicked my tooshie today. I felt sluggish and my brain was definitely not firing on all cylinders until mid morning. By the end of the day I was somewhat back to normal and was able to cross a few things off of my list. Whew!

This evening was fun. It was just plain fun. Tonight was a fundraiser for our local high school after prom. So that meant a night off from cooking and a trip to Freddy’s.

Eating out with the kids is quite the adventure at this stage. Tonight was no exception.

While we were in town, we went by the mattress store to look at mattresses for the kids.

You read that right. We are preparing our kids to transition from their crib.

In talking with others, I’ve realized we may be a little late to the game. But, in my defense, they haven’t had any interest in climbing out of their cribs. So it hasn’t hit me until recently this transition might be needed.

While we didn’t buy mattresses tonight, when we got home we finalized our Target order for kids’ sheets. I can’t wait to get them. They are so cute!

Walks and Strawberries

I was finally able to go on a walk with a dear friend. It had been a while since we had seen each other and it felt like there was a lot to get caught up on. We spent about 40 minutes walking our small town streets talking about school and life.

Every few weeks a truck comes with fresh fruit. Sometimes it’s oranges, sometimes it’s apples, etc. but the fruit is typically drool worthy. Today’s load of strawberries was no exception. Gabby are a pint by herself and I, who is extremely picky when it comes to fruit, couldn’t get enough!


Usually after a passing of a loved one, it isn’t uncommon for that person to visit me in my dreams. And it wasn’t until recently I realized I haven’t seen my uncle Craig.

Then just last night a light went out in our family room. Nothing too unusual. Just one of those moments where you think “dang. Now I need to get out the ladder.”

Fast forward to tonight when not only did our hall light burn out, but within an hour one of the under cabinet lights burned out.

And it made me ask the question out loud:

“Craig, are you here?”


We chose our daughter’s name because Gabriella in the Hebrew translation means “God is my strength”.  But knowing how long her name would be, we immediately called her “Gabby”.

Little would we know, our sweet baby girl would live up to her nickname “Gabby”.

In the weeks after my uncle’s passing, we have all been going through pictures or videos, holding on tight hearing his voice or simply seeing his smiling face.  It’s becoming a hard reality to understand he is truly gone.

So this morning when my aunt e-mailed us a video of baby Gabby and my uncle, it became an instant treasure.

I present to you Baby Gabby and Uncle Craig: