Over the last 13 years of living in our house, we have been really fortunate to host a lot of family gatherings. A lot. And it makes my heart so happy. It is important for my mom’s side especially to have a large space. Both inside and outside of the house. Why is space so important? Well, on my mom’s side of the family there were 8 total kids. Eight. And then you add in spouses and kids and you have a whole lot of noise. And awesome, amazing noise.

So when we were looking into updating our kitchen, we wanted it to be a space where people feel comfortable coming in and being together. No matter the noise level. The kitchen has become a place where people come in the front door and stay because that’s where the food is being served. We just needed a better set up for when these crazy awesome people come. There was a lot of planning to make sure we maximized our space to the max.

We are so proud of what we were able to accomplish with the budget we set for ourselves.

Without further ado, this is what now welcomes you into the schoolhouse.

Our kitchen isn’t large, but we can fit a whole lot of life into this space. Every inch of our kitchen storage is utilized to store every day dishes, baking items, food, food storage, and party supplies.

We can’t wait until our family comes back over for a celebration!