2023 Goals

The past several years I have made it a practice to think ahead what goals I feel I am being lead to. Some years this practice has felt effortless; this year it has felt obstructive. I am very much looking forward to this year. GREATLY looking forward to it. But when it came time to sit and listen, I was met with silence. The planner in me is uncomfortable to sit in this silence. I want to know what is next and I want to plan how I can get to what is next.

But this year is different. I think this will be the year when the path is not going to be laid out as far as I have experienced in the past. I think this is going to be the year where I’ll be given a view just in front of me, but this year definitely has a mystery layer added to it.

So while I worked through the process of discerning my personal goals this year, I realized my goals will truly be a few months at a time. For the next three months my goals presented themselves to be goals that will personally prepare me physically and spiritually for the spring.

Outdoor Space

This is space has evolved a bit over the last 14 years of living in the schoolhouse. An unused chicken coop became our garden shed, plants were transplaneted, and flower beds were made which has provided us with great color in the warm months.

The next three months, I want to:

*clean out the north tree row

*go through stuff in the south tree row

*buy patio furniture (more on this project in later months)

Our home has been in constant evolution since the day we bought it in May of 2008. There really isn’t a surface that hasn’t been painted or replaced! But now that we have been in this place for for double digits, we are moving from the phase of renovation to contentment.

Especially when living with these three!

So for these next three or so months, I am going to focus on the following for the house:

*decluttering drawers in the kitchen, under the stair storage, and our utility room

I am not striving for a house that is perfect; I am striving for a home that feels “comfortable”. Being a stuff manager is not what I want in life right now. We have been working on this practice of discerning what is brought in to our house for a few years now. This is the year to really hone in on this practice.

And speaking of practices, practices I want to continue to work on are practices that allow me to keep my body healthy. I turned 37 in December which, leading up to my birthday, provided my life with quite a bit of anxiety. My dad died when he was 37. At the time, I was in grade school and at an age where a lot of life isn’t necessarily remembered. But this event has been with me not only in memory, but in my bones.

So, to help combat this anxiety, I decided I will focus on the healhy things I can do for my body. As a believer, you never know when you’re time will end, but that doesn’t mean I can’t purposely live an active life for me, for my family, for my friends, but most importantly, for my babies.

This year I want to have a health focus that includes:



*minimizing pop

*be aware of what I am putting into my body

The beginning of each new year is always a mystery. But this year feels like a year with a good mystery that will be unveiled with a sense of excitement. Just like with anything in life, it will be a continued journey of listening to God’s call for my life.

Happy New year!

One thought on “2023 Goals

  1. You two have been very blessed to have each other and then the two twins that God had in mind for you. You are great parents and your home is lovely and comfortable. You have done many amazing things with your home and will do many more. Being patient is not my thing. And I am not a planner either. I admire you for being a list person and organized. At least that is what I see in you. But most of all I see a loving couple, loving parents and loving your Godly life. Many hugs and lots of love for all of you.

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